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Is police verification necessary?
As per the law, police verification is not necessary. But societies of buildings often insist on it, and we highly recommend that you do it. As a person new to a given locality, it also gives you an opportunity to find out where you need to go to, if you ever need help from the police.
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What is the process for police verification?
The Police Verification process is essentially not 'verification' but  'Police Intimation'. It requires the licensee to put on record with the local police station that he/she is living on rent in the given premises for the given period.

All that the Licensee needs to do for police intimation is personally visit the local police station (that is responsible for your building/locality) and submit a duly filled Police Intimation Form (in duplicate), signed by the Licensor, along with a copy of your registered Leave & License agreement. The Licensor need not visit the police station at all.

The police official keeps the copy of the registered agreement & the original Police Intimation Form. He/she stamps the copy of the Police Intimation Form & returns it to you an an acknowledgement that you have completed the formalities.

It typically does not take more than 10 minutes, and it is free of cost.
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Does the licensor (the owner of the property) also need to accompany me to the police station for police verification?
No. It is the licensee's police verification, not the licensor's. The licensor just needs to sign on the Police NOC form. He need not accompany you to the police station.
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I have heard that you often need to make multiple trips to the police station for police verification. Is that true?
No. We strongly recommend that you call the police station before you visit to ensure that the concerned person is available, and is expecting you when you go there. The phone numbers and exact location the police stations on Google Maps can be found on our website.
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Can Police verification can be done before agreement registration
No. For the purpose of police verification, one needs to submit a copy of the registered agreement along with the duly filled police verification form.
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How long does the process of police verification take?
The process of police verification takes less than 5 minutes at the police station. Just call up the police station before you plan to go there to make sure that the concerned person is available. For the list of police stations and their phone numbers, click here
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