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Thanks for your help in finding a match and thereafter for the smooth registration process. We are glad that we found a like-minded licensee on your website. Eezyrent team was very efficient and proactive through the entire process.
Priya Thadani
... I thank you for your efforts. I'm obliged and am impressed with your site. Thank you so much!
Kausthubh Korade
Thank you so much for the support. I wish to place on record my deep appreciation for the excellent support provided by *your team* in completing this task so smoothly.
Ram Sharan Ahuja
Thank you guys. I really say that you guys are doing a real great job for helping people in getting rid of these brokers.They really take our saving of atleast 3 to 4 months just by showing flat i have paid about 1 lac rupees as brokerage so far in 5 years in Mumbai!...
Pradeep Sahu
I found a flat without brokerage and within my budget because of you guys. Thanks allot.. I would really like to thank the entire team of eezyrent for taking so much interest in my search. The phone communication was also very fruitful with your officials. Thanks & Regards Prof. Ankit Mundra Mithibai College
Ankit Mundra
Thanks. Absolutely amazing process and efficient management of registration procedures by eezyrent and the team... Delighted customer...
Varun Loyalka
I want to inform you that I got the PG for my accommodation through your site. I am very thankful to you & your modes of contact that, in any way, NEVER disturb me. I want you to follow the same rules or principles or whatever you say and please don't share any contact of anyone with the persons of interests. My sincere advice.
Bhaskar Taneja
Your L&L service was awesome, was cost effective and so convenient. Thank you so much. I will recommend your name to my friends and associates.
Afraz Shaikh
Came to know about eezyrent by searching on the net. Was a little skeptical before assigning the job of registration of my leave and license agreement for my flat in Pune as had not heard of them. But was extremely happy with their efficient and prompt service. They created a group of the licensor & licensees and coordinated the whole task of getting the agreement registered very well at a very reasonable price. They also helped in drafting the agreement. Would highly recommend EEZYRENT to all. Really liked the service & attitude.
Salim Merchant
Thank you so much. This was a very good experience. Your executive Mr. xxxxxx xxxxxxx was very courteous and a jolly good person. Thanks again.
Ishan Choudhary
I generally use a lot of sites for finding broker-free rental homes but have found EezyRent to be the best one till now. The listings are actually verified (unlike other sites) and helps directly communicate with the owners. This time I also opted for registering my rental agreement via EezyRent and believe me they eezed out the entire process. They took care of the entire co-ordination between me, owner and the attorney very professionally. I would highly recommend EezyRent to anyone who is looking for non-brokered flats.
Ashish Trivedi
Most awesome service ever! I'm still looking but the fact that you are hands on with everything and interactive is highly appreciated! Unlike other sites that provide a limited number of landlords and want money for further assistance!!! MOST GENUINE SITE EVER! ... God bless!
Jagdeep Kohli
A big "THANK YOU" eezyrent team for making life easy. I remember it used to take minimum 5 hrs during the day of registration and standing there was a nightmare. With the online process you can get this done in 30 minutes with minimum documentation at your doorstep. All the team members of eezyrent are very cooperative and friendly. Thanks Again!!!
Shelendra Jain
The service was good. Your efforts were amazing and very helpful for the people like us who wants to avoid brokers. I have suggested this site to few of my other friends. Good Work. Keep it up.It was very user friendly.
Praveen Kumar Reddy Vennapusa
It was great experience we had during our agreement registration. We were engaged and informed about the procedure and the timings and all the documents which were needed during the time of registration. I would rate 5/5 for overall experience.
Sultan Mahimi
Thank you very much for the wonderful platform that you have made available. We were able to shortlist and finalise a tenant who contacted us through eezyrent. Wish you all the best !!
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hey eezyrent... my search is done. thanks for your help... it helped me a lot! greetings... :) Thank u!
Aayush Vijay Gupta
I would like thank the whole eezyrent team for generous support and proactive efforts. We found our new flatmate within a short while of 15 days, which was only possible due to such a wonderful and unique portal :) Regards & Thank you!!
Deepak Sharma
Super! Many thanks and fabulous initiative. Congrats!
Ludivine Noirel
Getting e-registration done on eezyrent is so simple & eazy, team is very approachable on email/phone even whatsapp :P, thank you for run down on the process, timely updates & completing e-registration of leave & license agreement without any delay. Great concept. Keep up the good work :)
Prateek Nayak
Thank you very much for your support. I have got good tenant for my property and all credits goes to your agency. This is a excellent service. I can not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends who wanted to give their property on lease. Once again thank you very much. I will definitely come back to you next time.
Prakash Desai
Thanks guys. Excellent service.
Ishpreet Singh
Finally I found my roommate, thanks a lot for all your efforts. It's a very nice concept and wish you the very best for your future success.
Asitkumar Dalai
Hi guys... what you're doing is great... I found very nice places on your site ... To sum it up, great website, great work. Keep it up.
Deepak Mahale
HI Team eezyrent, I sincerely thank you for all your efforts in finding an apartment for my family... I would wish to acknowledge your support and admit that with you by my side, looking for a shelter to stay in Mumbai is no longer the curse as it once was. Once again thank you all.
Subodh Chopra
I live in Bangalore and my home which I gave on Rent is in Mumbai and once the tenant is finalised my biggest problem always is to travel to Mumbai and liaise with Agent and tenant to be available at the same time to prepare and register the lease and license agreement along with all required documents. I figured out EEZRENT that they facilitate e-registration of rental agreement and nobody will be required to go anywhere.I approached them through email and they did the job for me on a reasonable price with much more comfort and transparency in the process. I would definitely recommend people to approach EEZYRENT for their lease and license agreement as EEZYRENT are the only ones which'll do the job without asking you to go anywhere and that's also on a competent price.
Ankit Johri
Thanks a lot guys .. I got a place in Andheri . I love this site, you guys are doing great job.
Alekh Verma
I take this opportunity to thank the entire team of Eezyrent for successfully registering my L&L agreement by sitting at the comfort of my home. Truly you lived up to my expectations! It was a wonderful experience. I have already recommended you to some of my friends. Wishing team Eezyrent all success. With lots of love & regards
Shaji Philip
Hi Eezyrent team, I would like to thank for helping us to meet our search. Please maintain this broker free MANTRA and don’t make web-site too much clumsy with lots of advertisement in future...
Niral Koradiya
An efficient and time bound service at my residence deserve a word of appreciation from a Senior Citizen like me
Ashok Bhatia
Hello, My search is over. I am thankful to you for your quick and kind support at times even on telephones. The contacts suggested by you were most appropriate ones. I would like to take your help in future also. Once again thanks a lot and services offered were excellent.
Rekha Kanakia
My rental search is over. I got one of my roommates through your portal. Thanks a lot for easing out our search process.
Aseem Beedkar
Hello! I got what I wanted. Thank you very much for your help and co-operation. Shall recommend this website for to my friends! I wish a very happy Diwali to the entire team and the families!
Kasturi Kulkarni
... I managed to get what I was looking for...with the help of your site. Thanks again!
Razia Sanwari
Hi Team, This is amazing, thank you so much for a quick and hassle free service.
Gaurang Savani
This has ref. to my flat's registration which took place on 29.12.2016. I am very much impressed with the services of Eezyrent and they completed the whole exercise with clockwork precision with minimum possible charges. I wish that they would extend their services to other parts of the country so that in future I can do the registration sitting at Bhopal and can avoid travelling to Mumbai. My best wishes to them.
Atul Jain
Hey I have found my accommodation. Your links were very helpful. Thank you very much!
Shubham Kaushal
You were very helpful. Keep helping, keep rocking .. Cheers :)
Ankita Sinha
Found a place thanks to you guys. Great job. Well done. Your website is amazing... You guys saved me a LOT of money and time. Heartfelt thank you. How do I endorse you guys? ... I hope your enterprise thrives and guys make a lot of money!!! Thanks a tonne again!
Pallavi H
Thanks to Eezyrent Team for being very helpful, patient, professional and supportive in the whole registration process even though I had a lot of questions as this was my first time registering Leave and Licensee Agreement online, Will definitely be working with you for future Registrations
Asif Ali
Thanks for your excellent service. Your site was very useful in finding a tenant. Best of luck and once again thanks
Shripad Joshi
It was indeed a hassle free and very convenient process of going through eezyrent. And fast too. Will spread the word on your services to as many people as I know, who have a property in Mumbai and want to go through the process of registration of a rental agreement. Thanks for your prompt responses to our queries too.
Abhay Srivastav
Thanks, its simple amazing. You people have most number of listings for rentals. Its really helped me to save big money. This is really useful.
Manish Golchha
My rental search is over. Thanks a lot. Got a room mate through eezyrent!... Thanks a lot for your service! I am definitely gonna spread the word for your amazing service!
Dwija Sharma
It was indeed a pleasure working with you and your team at eezyrent during the just completed leave & licence procedures at mahim. Though our acquaintance has been just a few days old, it appeared as if we were old friends. The decisions and actions taken by you were prompt and clear, intermixed with timely reminders. The staff too, deputed for the actual work of taking photographs & biometrics, attended the premises well before scheduled time and went about their work as thorough professionals. Even the reception & communicating staff at eezyrent were polite and understanding. With such dedication and assurance i am confident success will always be at your doorstep.
Allwyn Crasta
Thank you & appreciate your effort to start up this portal. This will really be helpful for so many people. We wish you all the very best for your initiative.
Kuldeep Verma
Dear eezyrent team, We are extremmely happy with your srevice and will recommend your firm to my friends and associates without any hesitation. Your service has saved both time and money. Please keep up the good work. Thanks again…….
Mani Paul
Thank you! You guys were very helpful finding a room mate for me. You guys have started a very good thing. Keep it up. All the best.
Mohit Mishra
All the best and many thanks for your help. I would like to comment that despite of me registering with so many portals, I could find "eezyrent" the most suitable & relevant one to my requirement. You guys are exceptionally good!
Prashant Gupta
I am based out of Hyderabad and had to register my L&L agreement in Mumbai, but was vary of travelling down all the way just for this. Thankfully, Eezyrent solved my problem. They managed the entire activity for me within 2 days and that too at a very economical cost. It was a very pleasant experience and I would confidently recommend them to everyone.They are highly professional & courteous.
Jai Kumar Nirban
You are doing a very good job by helping middle-class who is already burdened with rentals. I wish all the best for the endeavour.
Shrikant Zawar
I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about Eezyrent's service: Online registration of rental agreements when one moves houses. For someone as involved in my worklife as I am, I continuously scour the internet for services that simplify my life. When I first reached out to Eezyrent, I was also delighted with the team's responsiveness. (The team) was quite helpful, and went above and beyond to make sure my registration went through, despite multiple glitches outside of either of our control. My landlords are really old, and the on-ground team was considerate of their needs. Eezyrent has given me hope that wrapping up paperwork around moving houses in Mumbai can actually be quite an easygoing task. Let me add that I did not have to pay an arm and a leg for this service. It was quite affordable, and perhaps a little less expensive than when one goes through the brokers of the city. Kudos to the good work the team puts in everyday to simplify lives of all their customers. Thank you!
Sowmya Nagarajan
Hi, thanks to eezyrent, i found a great pg accommodation just in the nick of time. Thanks a ton!
Meghna D has made my business of a professional landlord and real estate advisory truly "Eezy". We do not need to leave our offices to complete the paper work, which was in the past tedious, inefficient and painfully slow besides being more expensive in terms of time and "speed" money. Your service and attitude to serve is unparalleled. I would rank EezyRent team with the likes of American Express Platinum. Keep up with this and you are well on your way to be a success.
Prakash Mahtani
Dear eezyrent team, Thank you so much for ur support. I have got a roommate now. Thank you :)
Shefali Singhai
I m very much thankful to u. Ur service too good. As I m senior citizen I got good support from u. Once again thank u very much!
Deenu Buchhada
I’m taking this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for all ‘eezyrent’ has meant to me. My first encounter with you gave me a ‘too good to be true’ feeling of suspicion!. The rest, as they say, is history. I feel miraculously blest in my association with eezyrent. My wish is that your team will experience rewards far beyond your pay check for your courageous mission to transform a ‘a culture of exploitation’ in this field. Many thanks and best wishes.
Janet Pinto
i had great experience with u guys. People don't mind spending money, but work should be fast. it seems this is your hallmark. keep it up!
Shyam Moharir
Thanks a ton to you for having such a wonderful site that also entirely free of cost. I appreciate your concern in bringing the middleman out while searching a place to reside.
Rahul Mishra
If I had to give eezyrent & its team a star rating, it would be nothing less than five stars!
Janet Pinto
Hi Team eezyrent, I found one good place. Thanks for all your help, your leads were really helpful.
Gaurav Singh
I must say we never thought that getting the registration done would be so easy. Your amazing work and commitment justifies the brand name "EEZYRENT" Cheers..!!
Kumar Shanu
We have found our tenants through Thank you very much for all the assistance.
Bernadette De Silveira
It was a great and seamless experience without any hassle, it took me only 2 minutes which use to take at least 3 hours in case one had to visit the registrar office. Appreciate the commitment of the team involved in terms of timely action.Cheers!
Ashish Kumar
That's a good job you're doing. Please keep it up! Your service was instrumental in finding me the right kind of rented acco. Not only is your website helpful, but also the care you show towards users by calling them and setting up a listing on their behalf blew me away! ... Appreciate your good and hard work. Will definitely recommend your service to anyone.
Ashish Nargundkar
Thank you very much team... you guys are super efficient!!! Thank you very much once again
Balakrishna Sanil
I am quite impressed by your professional approach and appreciate that. To be honest, initially i was little hesitant about doing it online but you guys are quite good. Thanks again.
Shyamanand Jha
Hi team, Thanks for the wonderful services. Using your services at eezyrent, we were able to find a roommate very quickly. If we were to follow conventional route it would have taken months! Again, it was a pleasure using your services...
Gaurav Kulshrestha
I am delighted to have ur service and will be giving ur reference to my relatives and friends.
Arpit Dambhare
Hello, Thanks a lot for those recommendations. It really helped me, I have finalized one.
Sridhar Swamy
I really appreciate the efforts you are making to make this place free of unnecessary brokerage. Grt job guys.
Sandeep Gupta
Thank you eezyrent.. I got flatmate.. It was great experience with you.. Keep it up.. Very good n quick service..
Apoorva Verma
It was good to list my requirement in your web site... Communication through whatsapp is very innovate and make you guys unique.
Ashish Somani
The e-registration process through was unbelievably fast, smooth and stress free. I filled up the necessary info in a word doc and mailed it to them, they mailed me a draft copy of the agreement for my review. I just had to pay them Rs 1000/- over and above the cost of the stamp duty and registration. The team was very quick to respond and attitude was extremely professional and friendly. Their representative came over at my address at predetermined time and took the pic and biometric verification. We were done within 15 mins. Overall a saving of time, money and energy. Give them a try, I am sure you will love it.
Vinod Hariya
On the whole, I really appreciate the personalized service as well as the ease of exchanging information on eezyrent. It has been a stress-free experience and the clients you provided were matching the profile that I was looking for...
Nishant Mehta
Eezyrent is convinient, cost effective and customer friendly. Have already registered two documents and had a wonderful experience. Kudos! keep up the good work.
Akhil Pal
Thanks for smoothly carrying out my registration process. I am really happy with the service, i told my friends also about it and they were also very impressed.
Rashmi Shah
Came to know about eezyrent from one of my relatives. When I approached eezyrent I was bit skeptical about how online registration works, but the team at eezyrent explained every step in details and helped me throughout the process. Entire process was completed in a day and without even stepping out of my house. It was very wonderful experience. Will surely recommend eezyrent and will definitely use the services again. Many thanks eezyrent!! keep up the good work.
Devendra Brid
Thank you for your help... really appreciated. I have finally got a house in xxxxx this weekend. Will be sure to recommend you guys to my friends & colleagues. Cheers!
Kriti Lahoti
I have to say it is actually "eezy" (easy)... i will give you this honest feedback, you guys have nailed it... its pretty much almost there :) I will be posting my properties at your site first (cos i am a huge fan of an underdog) whenever it comes up...
Rodney Quadros
Thanks a lot to you and your entire team. I really appreciate your afford to complete our registration in short time. keep it up. All the best.
Jitendra Dave
Thanks a lot guys. I'm amazed at the service level. Being from the real estate background I am happy to see players like u providing the service
Chetan Sharda
Thanks a lot!!! Found a Flatmate using Your Service :-)
Prashant Kumar
Couldn't imagine rental agreement process could get so easy. This was my very first experience of getting a rental agreement online and i approached eezyrent for it and the entire process was executed very smoothly. Best part is pocket friendly and hassle free process. Would definitely recommend eezyrent to others as well. Thank you guys keep rocking cheers !
Chanchal Adak
Thank you very much for the smooth, convenient and quick process of getting the rent agreement made and registered at minimum cost to both the parties. We are recommending Eezyrent to all our colleagues who give their flats on rent in our society.
Prabhakar Khanwalkar
Thank you for sending me the matches according to my requirements. Also I appreciate the summary which I could view in 1 glance. This is just what I wanted... simple & convenient... & as you said on your home page that it takes only 2 minutes to register.. exactly as promised.. pls treat this as my testimony to you, keep it up! I wish you a bright future. Thanks to TEAM eezyrent
Vijay Vij
Thanks for completing the process. We appreciate your support! You and your team has helped us complete registration process in shortest possible time. I recollect connecting with you and you were extremely open in explaining the entire process in a very first call. Communication with clarity helps make people like us more comfortable and adapt the change. Weekly round up email and alerts from eezyrent actually helps in understanding where we stand on our search. We had numerous calls for documentation, You & your team responded tirelessly during odd hours as well as patiently waited for our response. Though Me & Mr. Darshan connected through different forum, Our trust shown on eezyrent for documentation process was very well paid off. Wish success to you and entire eezyrent team.
Ashish Deshpande
Thanks team - U have been a good source of help... good support for the user!
Ashish Ranglani
Hi guys, Thanks a lot for creating this wonderful platform, ... Broker free :) which has certainly helped many people and I am one of them. thanks for making life eezy...:)
Avinash Kumar
We got in touch with Eezyrent for the agreement renewal of our flat. Right from the beginning, the team was cooperative in every single step of the whole process. The best part of their service is that they take full ownership of the work in a time bound manner. These people do not promise anything they think can't be delivered. So any customer could be sure of their service if they have confirmed it from their side. I am delighted with the service of eezyrent team and will recommend their service to any person facing any hassles in flat hunting/selling, agreement, renting. I believe these guys have very bright future.
Anjul Pratap Singh
just love this site .. ... daily new options ... n so simple to use....10 out of 10
Ankit Kamboj
I would like to thank you for your efforts and want to tell you that i have found a place as per my requirements. A BIG thank you!
Jaspret Kaur Hura
Thanks a lot! My house has been given on rent thru eezyrent.
Vasanti Jayakumar Jasty Gopal
You guys are really professional, very accurate and delivers on promises.. haven't had such a Hassel free registration ever :)
Liron Samson
It was a pleasure interacting with eezeyrent. You guys have been very professional and prompt in getting our agreement done and registered. Though the TAT was a bit longer than expected, we know it was not through any fault of eezyrent. Dealing with government is always challenging! Wish you guys continued success and growth.
Soviya Kurian
Hello team eezyrent, my search for flat has been completed. Thank you! You guys are doing a good job. Thank you again!
Ajit Mehla
1. Simple, quick and transparent processing of the e-registration process. 2. Charges are very reasonable. 3. Can schedule the appointment any time during the day and also on weekends which is a big advantage to working people. 4. Friendly and co-operative staff. 5. Overall very happy with the experience and would definitely recommend eezyrent to others as well.
Biby Abraham
Had least expected that it wud turn out to b so convenient and cheap....Hats off! Thanxx for your efforts in easing out the process...really appreciate it...
Sunil Shenoy
Thank you once again for your prompt and efficient service. We have totally relied on your services for leasing and registering our apartment, as we are confident that there will be no glitches. We are also grateful for your timely advice going forward with the process. Your customised and personalised service is your USP. Besides the courtesy to every customer. We greatly appreciate this. Thank you and all the very best to you and your team Sincerely
Colin Saldanha
Dear Eezyrent Team, I am very much thankful for you for helping me in my quest to find a place in Mumbai.... the leads that I got from your website were so helpful and the service that you provide is a blessing for people looking for rented/ PG accommodation anywhere. I wish you all the best in your venture and do hope to use your services in future if and when needed. Cheers!! :)
Jatin Sharma
Thank you so much. It was great to get a quick reply and suggestions as per my need from your side. I have met my need. Thank you for your co-operation.
Sonali More
We received a good response from your website on our quest of roommate. Thank you so much! :)
Nishila Gotawala
Thanks for all the help provided by eezyrent. I got in touch with quite a few good clients and happy to say you guys do a great job. The profile of people you sent is very good. I have just found a tenant for my house. Thanks once again. Thanks for your great service...
Ritika Cardoza
Hey... Just wanted to say thanks. I found a great place to live because of your website. Keep up the good work...
Cheryl Mendonca
You and your team doing a noble job... because its hard to find a place here free of cost.
Ankit Goyal
Thank you for your professionalism and courtesy this morning to ensure that the process went through without a hitch. Appreciate the service and shall highly recommend your services. All the very best. Sincerely, Colin & Diane Saldanha
Colin Saldanha
You are the best service providers and I'm very happy. Would recommend others for sure. Keep up the good work. Please increase your marketing activities. You need to showcase your services as much as possible.
Hardik Patel
Thank you so much for your apt assistance. It was really easy and effective dealing with you. You were always available for anytime support via whatsapp or email. Overall it was a great experience. Thanks again !!! Wish you good luck.
Sateesh Subramanian
Kudos to Eezyrent team! I have found the perfect mtch to my requirement through you people and the best part is , I have got it in my budget. The website is very user friendly and you guys list things so beautifully that one may just get impressed reading the post... All in all I am satisfied with your services and would love to pass the words to those who are looking for accommodation. Good job !
Sayandeep Sengupta
I used Eezyrent services to register my Leave Licence agreement at Mumbai and was extremely pleased at their prompt response. The execution was quick, courteous, simple at without any bother! I am thoroughly satisfied!
Capt Subhas Das
Hello team eezyrent, Thank-you very much for your help all along. :) With your help, I've been able to finalize a place at Lower Parel and will move there on Monday. (just finalized today!).
Rubal Kaur
I want to thanks and compliment for the kind of assistance, proactive response and the quality service received from eezyrent. Extended support from the team was appreciable. I will definitely recommend your service to others.
Vaibhav Sharma
Thanks a ton, eezyrent! Will recommend to everyone...
Ravi Shukla
This has been an unexpectedly smooth and delightful experience. Appreciate the professional and promptness in the entire process. Shall definitely recommend your service to everyone in my circle of influence.
Archana Jhangiani
I really like Eezyrent team and its performance. Within hours I received a client from my own locality. Thanks for your help and transparency shown by your team!
Mathew Tv
I am writing to say 'thank you' for the great experience i had with your team eezyrent. Various brokers had approached me for registration /stamp duty work and were asking for hefty fees. they did not appear reliable. The eezyrent team is very professional. They explained all the details clearly and concisely. Appointment by the person taking fingerprints and photos was kept in time. I'm extremely satisfied with the quality of work. I will definitely refer 'eezyrent' to all my friends and contacts.
Purandar Rai
hey.. its of a superb help... the site is amazing and definitely can be of utter help to people in need.. The work and response is appreciable. All the best to the team.
Priyanka Sancheti
A great Thank You for your help! You made it simple, easy and convenient! The best service I could ever have! Exactly what I was looking for!!! Eezyrent ... you Rock! All the tenants and owners should go for it!
Arpit Dambhare
I found an accommodation using eezyrent... I like the portal and its a lot more interactive compared to its peers. Keep it up!...
Sagar Arya
Thank you very much for your support. I finally found the place I wanted.
Harsh Chaturvedi
True to it's name, eezyrent has made the process of renting premises a hassle free experience. I found the best site among the many other websites which I have used for renting premises. Clutter-free, easy to use website dedicated for renting, private messages, follow-ups and verified tenants are some of the reasons why I consider it best. Thanks to the whole team for helping me find a tenant and getting the agreement and registration done without any delays.
Agnello Pinto
Thank u so much for ur co-operation. Finally I got a flat near **** ******. Planning to shift to my new spacious flat next week. I would really recommend ur site to my friendz and will also put in my FB.
Prema Sasidharan
Thanks a lot for your services... haven't used it much but it's a much better portal than the others
Abhijeet Agarwal
Thank you eezyrent team. You have truly lived up to your name and made the registration process very easy for us. Truly professional experience at a very reasonable price.
Hemant Donde
You all are doing fantastic job, and its very convenient for us to search flats without brokerage. So a big load has gone and thanks to you all guys! Thank u so much...
Vishal Bhavasar
I found a place via eezyrent and got shifted. Thanks for your kind interest to help me!
Aman Rastogi
Being a two-time customer of e-registration through eezyrent, I am simply awed by the experience. At first, it provides convenience of registering your rental agreement at the convenience of your home and that too in precisely 15 minutes time. Secondly, they are absolutely professional – right from the time of filling up the form to their punctuality in arriving at the scheduled date and time and their promptness in closing the transaction at the earliest. Last, but not the least, its significantly cheaper than that getting it done through an agent.
Bharvi Shukla
The person who will be staying with us got in contact through eezyrent. Great job guys. Keep it up.
Ritu Kedia
It is a fabulous platform I must admit. Within 2 days of my listing and using the platform I found a nice place to stay in Mumbai totally as per my requirement. I was tired of checking out houses the brokers had shown. Trust me eezyrent was quick and reliable. Few things they can improve on : 1- make photos mandatory; 2- try introduce an online legal quick one page agreement for flatmates coz thats where there is a huge market gap; strong points with eezyrent: 1- all genuine leads; 2- No Brokers; 3- call by customer care executive to create a listing for you on phone just with in a few mins; 4- Nice interactive platform. Overall a good experience. Launch in Gurgaon and Bangalore too.
Prachi Mahajn
It is the second tym I got PG from eezyrent... Tons of thanks to eezyrent and whole team.. EEZYRENT ROCKS!
Karikaa Sharma
Thanks a lot eezyrent. I never thought that finding a place in Mumbai could be that simple. 4-5 messages within 2-days, all of them matching my requirements, it really works!
Saurabh Biyani
2 words to best describe the service - Hassle Free. It's the first time ever I got a rent and lease agreement done and believe me I had no idea how to go about with it. Thanks to Eezyrent, things were much easier.
Dhruv Kataria
Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it. I have managed to find a place for myself. Thank you for all your help. Warm regards
Archana Doshi
I am very thankful to you, for the amazing range of flats for rent made available as per my utility... I am very thankful for your unwavering support, during this pursuit... Hopefully, I might avail your services, again, in future, for myself or friends.
Harsh Vyas
Your services were excellent. I am really very satisfied with your services. I hope in future also you will continue to offer excellent services to all.
Subhash Deshpande
Thanks for excellent service
Sateesh Bhatia
Eezyrent has provided me hassle free & cost effective service for registering my L&L agreement. It was great experience for me. I will definitely spread the word about eezyrent & will recommend your service to my friends, relatives, neighbors & colleagues.
Nimesh Parekh
... The last time I was in touch with you - you were extremely helpful. I am very grateful to you and well impressed with your help and support. Thanks a lot!...
Subra Brahm
Thank you Eezyrent providing a customer friendly online site. I had leased my flat through Eezyrent in April 2014, and now it was time to renew the lease agreement... I really liked the way the team provided the services in a professional way and quick response without any stress on me throughout. All the best Eezyrent team! Am telling everyone I know about your service!
Margarita Cecilia Rasquinha
I found a place! Thank you so much. It was really helpful posting on this site. Thanks again!
Ruchi Agarwal
Wonderful! God bless you all. many many thanks. This will help to reduce corruption & many more things...
Subhash Gaikwad
I have found a place... Thanks a lot to you and your team for all the help. :)
Avikant Bhardwaj
Heard about eezyrent from my friend and used their service for our house rent registration. They did a v good job. Best part was they came on Sunday for paper work! Its the best option to go for, instead of going for any agent as they give std agreement also. Must try!
Atul Mandalia
Hello team, it was a really awesome effort that you made for me. Got a partner just because of your hardwork. Its truly very very impressive support and strategy that you are maintaining in this corporate world... Infact I can say that you are truly amazing!! Thank you very very much to team eezyrent!
Ashok Kumar
Namaskaram eezyrent team. thanx a lot for ur prompt and pleasant sevice thru Mr xxxxxx. this is second time u hav supported us and have made the registration process very simple for us now. thanx a ton. look forward to connect with u all, again after 11 months . all the best to your lovely team.
Shubha Kamalsurya
Thank you so much for helping us making this process go easy and way more faster.. thank you team eezyrent!
Kaustubh Wankhede
Thanks a lot. Yes definitely you guys lived up to our expectations. Keep up the good work and making India proud with ease of doing business and making it easier for your customers. We would surely recommend your team to our colleagues and friends. Thanks again.
Shahanas Thaha
Eezyrent is one of the best things that has happened to the floating population of Mumbai like me recently... renewal of lease agreement used to be nightmare that came every 11 months. And with eezyrent, it is just done like a breeze... Thank you for making life a lot more easier... and hope we get the full potential of this service soon.
Hariprasad K. V.
I must say that you guys at Eezyrent are really good and very professional.The speed at which you delivered was nothing short of incredible. Thanks (team).
Godfrey Uttanwalla
I came to know of EEzyrent through my young girl tenant. I went ahead with the idea of "E-registering" our LL agreement through their online registration services, though a bit apprehensive. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt and efficient services offered in the most professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending to all in need of these services to entrust their job to Eezyrent. You wont believe, registration of documents could be done in such quick time and with no hassles of travelling to the registration office and the long waits. Eezyrent people organised everything at the comfort of my own home and with an added "personal" touch of all their staff with whom you may deal. Its a boon for old people and young working tenants and the EEzyrent people, in fact make it an enjoyable experience making you feel you are a part of the new changing "DIGITAL INDIA"! Dr. S.S. Mahajani
Dr Shriram Mahajani
Good service. Very professional.
Sushant Adsul
Dear Team, Your efforts are very well appreciated... I will definitely recommend you people to every one who is searching for flat. Thanks
Nitin Jain
Thanks for your efforts on making this process smoother. Keep up the good work, You guys are much better than Nxxxxxxx in terms of service, commitment and charges.
Ramashankar Sahu
Hello, thank you very much for your support & help. Got my replacement through you guys...
Shivanad N
Thank you very much for your wonderful smooth services.
Dorothy Mathias
Thanks. Amazing service completely seamless and stress free experience......I was in Bangalore and the Tenant was in Mumbai the whole process was seamless was constantly updated with the status on each event on WhatsApp during all stages and the whole process completed without any follow ups very professional approach and a great experience thoroughly recommended.....
Rahul Kapur
Eezyrent is not only a good idea , but execution is also equally good. I am impressed with their approach. All the best to them .I hope they become successful.
Ashish Thakkar
Awesome services. 10/10. Too good.
Darshan Nabar
You guys are awesome!
Bhumit Mehta
Thanks for all the help in trying to find a place for me. I have found a place for myself. I would also like to congratulate you for operating this portal and helping people! Good luck and best wishes :)
Gnyanendra Kumar
Thank you for your assistance .The process was quick n hassle free.
Alice Dias
I got a place from a guy on your site! Thanks!!!
Pranshu Sugara
Dear Team, Thanks a lot for your co-operation, we have finalised a 1 BHK in our preferred location. I will surely recommend your service to my friends and the efforts you put for your customers. All the very best for the future. Thanks again!
Rashmi Verma
Hi, I got tenant and I am heartily thankful to Eezyrent and the whole team of Eezyrent to fulfil my requirement. EEZYRENT ROCKS *****
Karikaa Sharma
thanx a lot guys 4 being so helpful n supporting... god bless the entire team thanxxxxxxxxx :)
Sumit Singh
hey guys, i've frozen on a place. thank you for your great help..without you guys it wouldnt have been possible for me. cheers!!! muaahhh to ur killa work
Imran Khan
Thanks guys. I have finalised a place for my self & your portal has been very helpful to me. Thanks again! Just keep the good work going.
Venkat Kiran
Thank you for your help and going out of your way to reach out and find a family for our leased accommodation.
Charmaine Colaco
Thank u... U guys really rock. U were very prompt. U understand d requirement of d person n are very very helpful. And the best thing abt ur site ...... I didn't come across one broker. Unlike other sites, where u call n a broker is answering. And u r like wtf. All kudos to u n ur team. I genuinely hv told at least 5 more ppl abt ur site. All d very best to u again :) ... U can stay assured u hv won one faithful promoter for d excellent work u guys are doing.
Cheshta Bhatia
You guys have been of a great help! I will keep referring your website to all my friends.
Venkat Kiran
great experience ...will surely recommend it to anyone :)
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Your service was very useful. l am grateful for the support.
Ratnakara Gulvadi
Thanks for all your efforts and cooperation, it was excellent experience. Every thing was on time.
Milind Khanolkar
I would like to thank your team for helping me find a decent accommodation without brokerage. I shifted yesterday in one of the suggestions given by you. Thanks again for your support.
Sumit Ranjan
Thanks for the quick response and help from eezyrent. I have found a place for myself. I appreciate the quick response from you all. Keep up the good work. Cheers
Neha Rajpoot
Hi, we got a flatmate... Thank you for the help :) Its a great way to look out for flatmates across. Great going Eezyrent team!
Apnavi Yadav
Thanks. I got my tenant through Eezyrent & also got my agreement registered through Eezyrent. It was a wonderful experience & I am sharing it with my friends & relatives. Thanks once again.
Dinesh Haria
Hi, I have found a flatmate for my room... You guys were great. Maybe next time ill come to you guys first if i need a flatmate...
Sarah Hashmi
Thanks team eezyrent. Appreciate your help in getting this done at such short notice and the efficiency of the e-registration process was quite impressive. This definitely beats having to go to the registrar’s office multiple times and the really long wait there. Will be sure to recommend this to other friends who are looking to register their rent agreements.
Aravind Chandramouli
Eezyrent is doing yeomen service to home seekers just arrived in Mumbai.They not only help owners to get tenants but also house hunters their abode, saving both from estate-agent-sharks. Help in getting the documents registered is commendable. MAY THIS TRIBE GROW. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL.
V T Kumar
hi, trust u are well. thank you very much for all. i found a room!
Jordi Vall-lamora
The response from your site was really good. Hats off.
Vishal Maheshwari
Thank you so much!! It helped me a lot and the experience was too good. Keep it up and best wishes :)
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It was a wonderful experience working with your team. Looking forward for more such assignments
Mukti Sarmalkar
Thank you once again for the service. I am really satisfied with this and will definitely suggest it to all my friends and family.
Ashish Bhavsar
The entire process from the enquiry of the procedure to the final registration confirmation was extremely smooth and professionally done. Importantly it is a brilliant way of saving the hassle of coordinating with agents for a personal visit to the registration office. The team at eezyrent is very responsive and you can expect quick turnaround to your requests. And yes for those who still have a doubt, it's a 100% valid and legal process and document. Would recommend this to all those who are looking for 'easy rent'ing!
Guruprasad Iyer
We sincerely thank you for your efficient support & service. hassle free, time saving & work done in time.
Sangmesh Patne
I truly appreciate efforts of your team... I m happy with your services and have recommended it to my colleagues. Hope will again get a chance to interact with u. All the best!!!
Shashank Shukla
My rental search is complete. Thanks a lot for a wonderful site! If only I had known it earlier I would have used the services much earlier...
Shailendra Meena
I found a flatmate within a day of posting the requirement. He called up, came in yesterday, liked the place... Thank you so much guys. Your site is a boon for bachelors in Mumbai in whose pockets the brokers make a real big hole. Thanks again! Best wishes!
Sridutt B
Eezyrent was recommended to me by my tenant who in turn had received a recommendation from a friend. As a NRI on a short holiday in Mumbai, I really jumped at the idea of having the registration done from the comfort of my home at a substantially lower cost and complete transperancy in the process. The whole process went smoothly. The Eezyrent customer care at the other end of the telephone are very efficient and on the ball. The person who came home to do the Aadhar based registration was very pleasant, polite, efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending Eezyrent and will definitely use them again.
Chandana Sen
U & ur website is doing a fabulous job it is so hazzel free & my job is done so smoothly & easily. & easy to my pockets also! thank u so much & keep it up????
Deepali Gujaran
Thanks for all the effort. It's been helpful putting up the listing on eezyrent and I'm sure with time it's only going to get more popular.
Siddharth Patni
Great work by team eezyrent!!! It is indeed very helpful ... Thanks a lot?
Somya Sharma
You all have always been of great help in all my searches. May you always prosper in your endeavour to reach your goal. Good luck. Thank you n God bless.
Vida D'lima
Thanks. God bless! May u and ur firm progress and go places.
Sunil Thakur
Dear Eezyrent team, Thank you very much for helping a retired person like me... You are doing wonderful job by helping senior citizen like me. Thank you once again.
Suhas Munagekar
I truly appreciate for your good work-weekly follow ups and updates on the same. It was really helpful for me...
Deepayan Roy
You are doing great Job!!!! We were new to Mumbai and your Website help us alot to find us home without any brokerage. Thanks :-)
Ankur Arora
I truly appreciate this initiative of yours. Its a great site for people like me trying to avoid brokers and directly connect with people. That's very kind of you indeed! Thank you very much! ... you are doing a yeoman's service to the nation!! I'll only be too glad to spread the word around about your site. Thanks again, and it's great to connect with people like you! Please keep up the good work!
Anant S
eezyrent is a boon for property owners and prospective tenants, both. Its hassle free and frees you up from the nuisance of brokers. This is the third time I have used their service and it is just fantastic. I got immediate responses. The social media connect facility helps in doing a background check on our own literally free! Great initiative and super support team ! God bless !
Amit Oturkar
Thanks a lot.. it was extremely quick and amazing services.. going forward we will always reach out to you for renewal and will refer to others as well.. :-)
Anchal Bansal
My search for a brokerage free rental home was completed within a period of 48 hours of registration on your site including inspection. Would really thank you and your company for the same.
Rajesh Lohia
Appreciate your assistance and service. If I may share my opinion, I would state that eezyrent is of “absolute value addition to the user” :)
Samar Tah
That’s great (team)… first glimpses of Digital India and eGovernance. Wishing you all the best with this venture – looks very promising to me.
Avinash Mathur
Thanks a lot for making my life more easier. I will definitely share the link with my friends, family and colleagues. I pray that your venture expands from one city to the next and then the whole country with time. My best wishes...
Rahul Verma
You guys are very efficient. That's extremely helpful for someone desperately looking for a place. Thank you so much for all your help!!
Nikita Smith
Good Morning Eezyrent Team! Thank you for your never ending patience in seeing us successfully through our first online registration process. We appreciate all the effort you put in to make this process simple and easy for us. A special thank you to *** and *** whose guidance and advice we truly value. Your support at every stage and immediate response to our doubts and queries certainly helped in making this process stress free. We will definitely approach you every time we need our License registered and will share your contact with prospective friends. We wish you tremendous success. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you once again.
Anahita Irani
I liked that you are providing service to stop listing through SMS, WhatsApp apart from the traditional request from website.
Mangirish Mate
Thanx for ur help, i have finalised one of the flats from ur suggestion. It was really a good deal. Thanx! Also, it was a wonderful experience as the things went smoothly n quickly.
Virhaa Singh
Thanks a lot & it was indeed a pleasure ... thanks for guiding me to the correct way. Really appreciate your assistance.
KRC Murty
I found my new house thanks to you! It was pretty helpful. Great work, cheers!
Yashi Trivedi
Thanks a million to eezyrent team!! Will surely recommend further!!
Sanjay Bharmani
I have got an accomodation through your website. Thank you for all the help!
Harshit Taunk
I have been associated with Eezyrent for more than a year for registering flats on lease. And am very pleased with their working style and professionalism. The entire team is very prompt in responses and helpful in sorting out difficulties. Their rates too are very competitive and work done without any delay from their side. I will continue using their services
Socorro Vaz
Dear Team Eezyrent, I sincerely thank you for the leads provided. I have closed the deal for the lease from your lead. Great work and thanks a ton.
Sandeep Phanse
Dear Team, Thanks for all your help. My search requirement is completed. Thanks once again!
Toushita Sengupta
Hi guys, your website response and initiative is great. I will always recommend eezyrent to my friends. Your results are better than Sulekha or FB groups.
Obu Sama
I would like to thank all your team for helping me to find PG for my place. I am retired senior citizen. Offering PG accommodation is my only income now. I had put my ad on MagicBrick and also. I want to put it on record that your team has not only published the ad but updated me on regular basis about the persons in need of PG accommodation. And that made your team 'Stand Apart'. I am highly impressed by your feedback system. I am going to recommend your site to all my friends , relatives and well wishers.
Suhas Munagekar
You guys are really doing a great job. As it is accommodation in Mumbai has become very costly and those brokers making it more miserable life for the people who look for home. Here, thanks for now assisting with the registration process...
Rahul Jain
i love you guys and your service. you have just made it easier for people like us...great work!
Imran Khan
This is a very effective and unique website which gives two way access between flat owners & tenants. Their verification of identity is also good. I was able to get a good tenant within a very short period. Thanks!
Shailendra Raut
... one thing is sure... you people have provided me the most contacts, more than any other site... nice working with you!
Aniruddh Panchal
So its the third time..once again eezyrent helped me to find suitable PGs... Thank you so much eezyrent and team! Eezyrent rocks?
Karikaa Sharma
Thank You very much. Pleasure working with your team.
Narayani Mahil
Hi Team! I am really impressed and satisfied with your innovative way of reaching out to us to help in finding the right place. The range of listing you get is also good enough. Your regular emails and WhatsApp activity sets you apart from the competition. Please don't get the millions from the VCs yet! For me, you were more helpful than ******* or **********. So keep walking :)
Prasoon Garg
I am VERY GLAD and thankful to entire eezyrent team. I have already told to so many people and social organisations as well...
Rakesh Sahu
Thanks to you and eezyrent team for all the guidance and help extended to us during this agreement process and for stretching themselves to close it out today itself. Wishing all the best to eezyrent!
Shakeel Ahmed Shah
eezyrent is a really great initiative, keep it going! :)
Suraj Kumaran
Thank you very much for your good service. Will continue our good relationships. Wish you all the best.
Venkatesan Bhupathy
Thank for your prompt professional services...I was delighted to work with you....I will come back to you any such thing in future.
Jagannath Sahu
I wanted to have my rental agreement registered, however I did not have the time to go to the registration office. I looked for various options available right from online websites to the local estate agent/broker and spoke to all of them. What I was looking for: 1. Registration from the comfort of my home and at my available time 2. Low cost 3. No hassle. I finally narrowed down on Initially I was sceptical, but was comfortable after speaking with (the team) who answered my queries to my satisfaction. The representative visited on the promised time on a Sunday evening and completed the biometrics and other documentation formalities. On Monday I received the final draft which was submitted on the following day after my approval. I am delighted with their customer service and will avail their services in the future.
Nilesh Pawar
I have found the house I was looking for myself and wanted to thank you for your kind help. I will spread the word about your services to my family and friends who would require an apartment on rent. God bless you with all success.
Harsh Modi
I have found an accommodation... Thanks for your help. Your way of working by giving frequent suggestions is truly appreciable! :)
Divya Servaia
Thank you for providing me a tenant search platform! ...
Kevin Joshi
Excellent service from start to finish. Keep up the GREAT work! Thanks for simplifying long registration process and saving time and money of client.
Mandar Kulkarni
Your assistance was extremely helpful!! Thank you very much! :)
Susajjita Mahapatra
Thanks a lot. I truely appreciate your service. What a fantastic experience this has been. Just open your services in Hyderabad too, that would be a delight!
Jai Kumar Nirban
Thanks for helping us getting it done, it couldn't have been easier then this. (The team) made it all clear and helped us through the procedures which we really appreciate, and the procedure was quick and easy for us. Thanks once again.
Avanish Pandey
Thank u so was indeed a hassle free & quick process..vl definitely get in touch next year too..!
Leena Avhad
I appreciate service rendered by you. I am fully satisfied. Thank you so much
Gautam Shah
You guys were good. The most important thing was that your team didn't send me any irrelevant mails. Unlike others you contacted me only when there were relevant posts. I like that thing with your team. And yes I got my flat mate through eezyrent only :) Thanks once again.
Ketki Dhote
Thank you so much for all your help. You were always there for help when needed. And I received instant assistance from you through out. Really great to you have you help people like me. Cheers to you and your initiative. Really appreciate the venture and support. I will be giving your reference to whoever needed.
Nikunj Chandak
Hi Team, I have found the flatmate. You guys were really helpful, again! Thanks!
Prasoon Garg
Thank you so much. Will surely let my friends know about eezyrent. You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep rocking!
Sudha Maganty
Thanks for excellent services provided in registering my Leave & License agreement. The entire job was done so smoothly. One could not even fathom such a change occurring in a Govt. dept., which has been known to be highly corrupt. (Your team) has been very cooperative and helpful in accomplishing this task. Please convey my thanks and blessings to (the team).
Ram Sharan Ahuja
Extremely delighted with the service provided by eezyrent team. Very professional, hassle free and timely execution. Good value for money. I strongly recommend their services.
Geeta Ghorpade
Finally I found the residence in Mumbai, without broker... eezyrent gave me a hope to find one without broker. Thanks for all the support you have given. Wish you all the best.
Rakesh Rana
Thanks to the EEZYRENT team and wishing all the best ahead for them for the wonderful work you are doing which involves hard work and great sense of commitment. You have certainly made it easy for your customers. Sincerely, Prof. Dr. Mathew TV
Mathew Tv
Tenant and Owner lived in different cities Mumbai and Pune. Owner could not visit Mumbai physically for renewing rent agreement. Thanks to Eezyrent team for providing prompt services in both the cities and thus rent agreement was registered with ease.
Chetan Saxena
Hi, Thank you soo much for your kind cooperation while searching a place for me. I have found my place... And also you guys are doing a great job, was very much pleased. Keep it up!
Ritu Dhoot
eezyrent team saved all my headaches of payment of stamp duty, registration of rent agreement - all sitting at home - within promised time limit of just a few days. Very happy and pleasant experience. Many thanks eezyrent.
Rekha Shah
Hey! Thank you so much! I have finally found a house ! Thank you for all the help :)
Kriti Kamotra
Dear Eezyrent Team This is really awesome service. This is the first time that I have received such a valuable service from Mumbai. I will surely recommend you to my contacts. Usually in Mumbai the layman become the victims of real estate sector especially from the greedy brokers. But your team performs well. I salute you from my heart, thank you very much for your co operation specially to Ms xxxxx & Mr. xxxxx. I wish you all the success.
Sarath Kadakkal
The experience with EezyRent has been an excellent one! I reached out through their website and received details via email and a phone call. The phone call was done at a time that was convenient for me. My difficulty was that I was co-ordinating for the registration between my father (a senior citizen) and my tenant from a out of station location. The Eezyrent team took the onus of all co-ordination and asked for minimum relevant details well in advance. They took care of the whole process from drafting of the agreement to getting the stamp duty paid, appointment with the registrar office and final registration of the agreement. The service was delivered in a personal manner and they stuck to their time commitments. The detailing that they have done in the process of collecting all documents and information is great to see. Their approach is very professional which local individual brokers lack most of the times. They also made sure that we received the agreement documents back at home. The whole process took me less than 45 mins in terms of filling in forms, attending to phone calls and all. Had I done this on my own I would have spent almost 3 days to get all of this done. I would definitely recommend their services to everyone!
Darshan Bavdekar
hi, i have successfully leased out my flat through eezyrent :)
Rajeev Kocheta
I found my roomate from your network site. thank you so much for ur help.
Disha Desai
thank you so much ........ my requirements have been met.... with your help.... so thanks a loooot
Plasma Kar
Thanks (team). Appreciate the promptness and professionalism of your team.
Saral Gupta
Thanks so much team. That was real quick. You have been a great support throughout the process. With this kind of service I would definitely recommend you and Eezyrent across all my friends circle.
Sarathi Paidichetty
Good things about your service are: 1. Updated alerts 2. U give customer replies on sms also 3. Many customers replied to me on email. Negative things: 1. Advertise your site more! 2. Out of 10, 2 seekers contacted me by only email. They should have called me!
Sunny Tambat
I like your website & will keep it in mind next time if I have to hunt for flat :)
Gaurav Goyal
Your website is a great for us to get the rid of brokers and their charges!
Ullas Kumar
Hi, thanks for all the help. This is probably the only non polluted site which works strictly on no-broker funda. Great going. You people are extremely helpful and committed. Thank u and keep up the good work...
Priya Wadhwa
My search is complete now. Thank you, your site was really helpful!
Apoorva Vajpaye
Your work is really appreciable
Jahangir Ansari
Very happy with your service. Transparent, Convenient, Economical and Professional. That's what you guys are all about. My best wishes for you to become one of the few successful start ups in India.
Rishikesh Ganapathy
Dear team, You guys are wonderful , i found place in my budget via you. I will be moving there soon. It was great help and i really appreciate the idea behind eezyrent to get a place without brokerage is like a gift. Thanks a ton for putting your precious time for my home search. Wish you a big luck!
Suraj Chhugani
i would like to inform you that my search is finished and I found a tenant. thank a lot and thank you so much for your precious efforts and concern till i received from you. needless to say that you are doing the best among all in this segment in the industry. your are the best that i sense in the current industry. keep up things well and my best wishes to entire eezyrent team for your further achievements. have a nice day.
Ashok Kumar
Thank u people for providing such an ultimate service...
Rohan Kaiche
Thanx. Found your service really helpful, quick, easy and honest. Saved a lot of hardship and also saved on usual charges taken by middlemen. Truly satisfied with the service.
Saiby Mathew
We got our rental agreement renewed through Eezyrent and it was a very smooth process throughout. Everything was explained properly and managed professionally. (The team) took the pains of calling and mailing the landlords as well, and were available in case of difficulties. Would recommend Eezyrent to everyone for a hassle-free rental agreement registration process. Best Regards Aditi & Jhinuk
Aditi Mahajan
Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate your highly efficient service.
Ajit Kumar Khare
I have found a place. Thanks a lot for the help... Eezyrent has been really helpful.
Anchal Garg
Found a very reasonable and good accommodation. That too without brokerage. Thank you eezyrent. Amazing job!
Prerna Khandelwal
We hired Eezyrent for renting out our residential premises at Thane. They were very prompt in doing the agreement and the registration process was also seamless and quick. The colleague from Eezyrent came over at the appointed time at the premises and completed the process within half an hour. The final documents were registered and sent over by email as explained, within the next two working days, which was better than what they promised. The entire registration process was painless as compared to the earlier process of going to the registrar and wasting significant amount of time over a painful process. We recommend Eezyrent for anyone wanting to get their agreements.
Sitesh Thadhani
Absolutely professional, efficient and effortless service by eezyrent. Although the Leave and Licensing process itself is pretty much smoothened out by government... it still needs a person who can help a layman to accrue optimal benefits from this facility. Eezyrent exactly does that. Transparent and value for money service with quickest turnaround time for your queries.
Sagar Kandalkar
Dear Eezyrent Team, Thanks for being supportive throughout the process. I appreciate timely response and the ease with which such complex process got completed. One can really not think about getting a registered rent agreement being done without visiting any govt office in Mumbai. Kudos to the EezyRent Team for such good customer support!!
Prajwal Khapekar
Its a great concept. I found flatmates through your website only.
Ravi Kumar
Thank you very much for your wonderful service
Sanjay Shinde
I thank you for helping me find a tenant for my house. May god bless you to grow a lot in the coming years with happiness coming your way. With lots of blessings.
Veena Badigi
Thank you for helping me in renting my flat. Your firm truly stands on the principal of Serving the Society. I would certainly recommend your service to my family and friends.
Dinesh Angolkar
Thank you, I was very impressed with the services your team offered and that too for free, so from my end every email I received from other sites like flat without brokers etc., I suggested them your site too as an alternate in their hunt... Thank you again for your kind services. Good Luck! Cheers
Neeta Ratwani
I came across this service on the net and they have been fantastic. All matters were handled with courtesy and thorough professionalism. I live in Pune and have properties in Mumbai. EEZYRENT made job extremely easy. Already used their services 4 times and will continue in future. Best wishes to them
Vijay Damley
I thoroughly appreciate the support available on your web site. We wish u rapid progress.
Puranbhagat Arora
thanks a lot eezyrent! i am tooooooooooooooo satisfied with ur service. thanks!
Nazma Azim
Thanx. Superb Service!
Devendra Bafna
It was really a wonderful experience with eezyrent. I never expected that i can get my agreement registered so fast and hassle free, but eezyrent has proven their commitment and completed it pretty fast. Thanks a lot. Really appreciated!!!
Pankaj Kabra
Hey, my rental search is over. Thank you so much for your help. Kudos to your team!!
Sushav Srivastav
Hello Eezyrent, Thank you for calling me to find out my specifications. I appreciate very much the service that you are providing.... Thank you for the offer to help and keep the good work going. The internet is the most marvellous place, thanks to portals like yours.
Natasha Rego
I can't thank you enough for some kickass service.Thanks to you guys, I have just got a very good property for rent and the service has been hassle-free too. The customer service executives were swift in calling me and getting a listing up at the earliest. The best bid is the blocking of brokers on the site! I appreciate it all and would surely recommend your services to friends and family. :-)
Dipanjan Bhattacharjee
Hi! Have found a tenant for my flat... thank you very much for your help.
Rajkumar Rangnath
Thanks a lot guys.. the work you guys are doing is amazing. I wish you guys all the success. Hope you do really well.
Rajant Meshram
I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team & share my hassle free experience. With Eezyrent the entire process of finding tenants , drafting an agreement then registration of that draft was just smooth sailing & on time. We were able to avoid the long queue & it's waiting. Eezyrent made it a point to keep us updated every step of the process. Their prompted reply to all our queries was a bonus having an amazing experience.
Mamata Mokashi
Services from Ezyrent is outstanding. They are flexible in accommodating urgent requests, professional in client management and transparent in pricing. Really appreciate and do keep up the good work.
Siddhartha Kumar Ghosh
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